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 Faelyn application

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PostSubject: Faelyn application   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:08 pm

1. Character's Name: Faelyn

2. Character's Race: Mithra

3. Jobs LVL75: brd blm rdm thf

4. ToAU Mission 17 Complete (required): all

5. Merit Points Upgraded (list by category):
- 5mp
- 1 CHR 1 INT
- 1 dagger 1 evasion
- 8 enfeebling magic 6 wind instrument skill 2 singing skill
- 3 crits 3 spell interruption
- 1 ice magic potency 5 lightning magic potency
- 1 FreezeII 1 BurstII
- Dia III Bio III ParalyzeII SlowII BlindII PhalanxII
- 5 triple attack 1 feint
- 5 lullaby recast 3 minuet
- Foe Sirvente Troubadour Nightingale

6. How would you rate your equipment for your jobs?

Bard: Very good
Red Mage: Decent
Black Mage: Decent
Thief: Decent

6. Which Salvage Armor Set do you want (only one)

7. Which Part of Armor you want get first? (Post first Part of armor you would like to get first, Es. head body, hands, legs, feet)

8. Your Current Timezone: gmt+2

9. Any additional info?
Thf has TH4 if needed
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PostSubject: Re: Faelyn application   Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:18 am

i m sorry after consulatation with all sacks we decided to reject your apply not for problems of your apply but for great number of ppl in the ls

anyway we will conserve your apply if someone leave ls we will tell u


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Faelyn application
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